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Join the 2018 Management Week in Paris from 22-25 May & celebrate the 50th anniversary of FNEGE

The 4 day event organized by FNEGE in collaboration with the Scientific Management Associations, aims to bring together the entire management community and to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the Foundation, created in May 1968. Academic and professional conferences and

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What is EQUAL’s contribution to Business Education?


  • EQUAL’s contribution to the harmonisation and international benchmarking of quality standards for academic degree programmes, as well as its thoughtful contribution to the business education community has been also of utmost significance for the development of EFMD’s EQUIS and EPAS accreditation systems.
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    Prof. Eric Cornuel, Director General & CEO, EFMD

  • Having been established as a think-tank for EQUIS accreditation back in 1996, over the years EQUAL has developed into an innovative network of networks providing a platform for national, regional and international associations to share experiences and best practices in management education, to follow new trends and, through commonly developed guidelines, position papers and joint projects, promoting quality of management education worldwide.
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    Irina Sennikova, EQUAL chair & Vice-President, CEEMAN – International Association for Management Development in Dynamic Societies